Middelburg, a historical town

Middelburg has much to offer. It is full of historical buildings, and it is also a nice town for shopping. The shops range from large fashion chains to small galleries and boutique shops. On the large market you will find ‘de Drukkery’, a very nice bookshop with many extras

Our B&B is located right under the Lange Jan (the abbey church tower), and therefore right in the middle of the historic heart of Middelburg. Middelburg still has many historical buildings, despite destructions during the Second World War. Parts of the town that were bombed have been restored to their former glory. Especially the abbey and the former city hall are worthwhile to visit. In the direct surroundings of the B&B there are plenty of opportunities for a nice walk or for shopping. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of nice restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity. We will gladly give you advise!

The peninsula Walcheren has numerous charming and pleasant towns and villages and the beaches are fantastic. The Oosterscheldekering (in English: Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier), is the largest of the 13 ambitious Delta Works series of dams and storm surge barriers, designed to protect the Netherlands from flooding from the North Sea. It is therefore definitely interesting to visit. Veere is a charming little town worthwhile to visit. Walcheren is especially nice to explore by bike.


The abbey of Middelburg

The abbey in Middelburg was founded around 1100 by the Premonstratensians from Flanders. The abbey became very wealthy and the abbot was one of the most powerful and influential people in Zeeland. After the town of Middelburg was conquered by the prince of Orange in 1574, the monks were forced to leave town.

Part of the abbey complex is open for visitors and will give you an impression of how the building was used then and now. You can visit the ‘Zeeuws Museum’, a museum about Zeeland. Furthermore, there are a couple of cellars (with sarcophaguses and frescos), cloisters and a herb garden that are open for visitors. The abbey complex contains three churches, the ‘Koorkerk’, the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ and the ‘Wandelkerk’. All of which can be visited.

City hall of Middelburg

The city hall of Middelburg (1452) has a characteristic Late Gothic appearance. The façade has gothic windows, white-and-red shutters, many small towers, and twenty-five statues of local counts and countesses. The building has a large tower with with a clock and a carillon. This tower is names ‘Malle Betje’ (crazy Betje) by the locals, because the clock always lags behind a bit compared to the clock on the Lange Jan.

The city hall burned out after the bombardment of Middelburg in 1940. Old paintings and documents were all lost, only the exterior survived the disaster. The building was spared from demise and professionally restored.