De Kaepstander

Our Bed & Breakfast is located right in the centre of Middelburg, one of the prettiest towns in the Netherlands. The Bed & Breakfast is located at the foot of the ‘Lange Jan’ (which translates to Long Jean), the church tower of the Medieval Abbey of Middelburg.

Our B&B is located in a historical building from the eighteenth century (1785), many original elements of the building, such as the oak spiral staircase, were preserved.
“De Kaepstander” is an old Dutch word for a hoist that was used in pre-modern warehouses. The original hoist, from the time that the building served as a warehouse, is still located on the top-floor of the building. You can see this from the outside of the building.

Our B&B is situated in a street right in the Middle of the old town centre. From our B&B we have a beautiful view on the Abbey churches. There is hardly any traffic in this part of the city. From our home you can explore the historical city centre on foot. Middelburg and the surroundings are also particularly suited to explore by bike. We will help you in any way we can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Do not hesitate to ask us anything.

Middelburg and its surroundings

Our B&B is situated at the foot of the highest church tower in the city and it’s thereby situated directly in the heart of the town. Parts of Middelburg were destroyed in the Second World War, however the city is still known for its large amounts of historical buildings, which are beautifully restored and maintained. Particularly, the Abbey and the town hall located on the central market are exceptional.

You will be able to spend hours strolling around in Middelburg, exploring the beautiful squares, old churches, hidden alleys and the old harbours. Furthermore, Middelburg has a very varied offering of shops and restaurants, which will have something for everyone! In the direct vicinity of our B&B there our some great options for lunch, dinner and drinks. If you are a lover of special beers, our neighbours have a very nice restaurant and jazz-bar, “Desafinado”, where they serve over 125 different beer. Right across the street there is a great place for breakfast and lunch, “Jells”. Jells has a beautiful garden terrace and a great menu. On some mornings we might serve breakfast at Jells instead of in our B&B. There are plenty more options to eat in the direct vicinity of our B&B. We will be happy to provide you with recommendations.

The Abbey of Middelburg

The abbey of Middelburg was founded around 1100 by monks from Flanders. The abbey became very wealthy and the abbot belonged the most powerful people in Zeeland. After the city was captured by the prince of Oranje in 1574, the monks were forced to leave.

The Abbey complex is partly opened for visitors. You will be able to see how the building was used in the present, and how it is used nowadays as the seat of the Provincial government. You can visit the Zeeuws Museum, it showcases amongst others famous wall tapestries. The abbey complex also has impressive crypts that are especially worth visiting; in four cellars several tombs and frescos can be admired. Continue your visit by walking through the centuries-old corridors and the traditional herb garden to the “choir-church”, the “walking-church” and the “new church”.

City Hall Middelburg

The late-gothic city hall (1452) has a facade of gothic windows, red-and-white shutters, many small towers, and twenty five statues of the counts and countesses of Zeeland. The city hall has a large tower with a clock and a carillon. A fun fact is that the clock on the city hall is always a little behind on the clock of the “Lange Jan”, therefore the local people have a nickname for the city hall tower: “Malle Betje”, which roughly translates to silly girl.

The city hall largely burned out after a bombardment in 1940. Only the outside of the building remained, and sadly many old paintings and documents were lost. Luckily, the building itself was saved and excellently restored during and directly after the Second World War.

Middelburg, a city of nostalgia

Middelburg has much to offer with respect to beautiful, historical buildings. Also for shopping it is a great city. There is a wide variety of fashion businesses, galleries, pop-up stores and boutique stores. Especially the bookstore on the central market is a must. It is an excellent store for books (good offering also for English and German books), music, games, souvenirs, presents, food, and much more.

A few tips for activities in the city centre:
  • Film theatre in the Kloveniersdoelen
  • Kayaking in the canals
  • Tour through Middelburg’s hidden alleys
  • The archive
    And many more!
The peninsula Walcheren has many other nice small towns and villages. We especially recommend Veere. Furthermore, there are many beaches that are (in our opinion) the best in the world! The world renowned Deltawerken (a system of flood surge barriers) is worth a visit.